Insights Pollen map

The database of the DGC allows to determine the spatial and temporal diffusion of pollen of plants deriving data from their phyto-ecological characteristics.

See the Pollen map in Appendix.

IT_pollini Map of plant diseases

The DGC allows the reporting and consequent mapping of the major plant diseases present in the territory, so as to identify the outbreaks of infection / infestation and to prepare the most appropriate actions for the containment of the spread of pathogens and parasites.

See the Phytopathological maps in Appendix.

IT_alberi monumentali Monumental trees

The law of 10/2013 establishes the list of monumental trees in Italy. The list is made up of regional lists, in turn made up of lists prepared by all the Municipalities on the basis of a census carried out at local level. The lists expressly mention the landscape constraint on monumental trees.

See the Monumental trees map in Appendix.

Environmental reports

The numerous information contained in the DGC database are the base for the elaboration of in-depth environmental balances, through the construction of complex indicators and parameters that allow the economic and ecological benefits of the botanical heritage to be analyzed and quantified.

Read more about the ecosystem balance.

Tree for every new born

The DGC is a simple and effective tool to meet this legal obligation established by the law of 10/2013.

Read more about Law of 14 January 2013 n. 10 in Appendix.

More features

“The Digital Green Cadastre” book in Appendix

Expo TREES in Appendix