Phytopathological maps

The reports of pathogen and parasitic attacks are recorded on the maps of the digital cadastre of green.

The points cloud makes it possible to identify the outbreaks of infection / infestation of the major plant diseases present in the area and prepare actions to contain the spread of pathogens and parasites.

Harmful Organisms in Lombardy


Palmnose Castnid - Paysandisia archon, Burmeister, 1880

Red-necked Cerambicide - Aromia bungii Falderman (LOMB)

Asiatic bedbug - Halyomorpha halys, Stål, 1855 (LOMB)

Chestnut Cinipid - Dryocosmus kuriphilus (LOMB) (RNQP)

American Ifphania - Hyphantria cunea (LOMB)

Popillia - Popillia japonica (LOMB) (REG)

Psacothea Hilaris - Yellow spotted longicorn beetle

Aquatic rice awl - Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus, Kuschel, 1952 (LOMB)

Asian Woodworm - Anoplophora chinensis (LOMB) (REG)

Asian woodworm of the stem - Anoplophora glabripennis (LOMB) (REG)


Colored plane tree cancer - Ceratocystys platani (LOMB) (REG)

Bacteria and phytoplasmas

Bacterial Actinidia Cancer - Pseudomonas syringae patovar actinidiae (LOMB)

Bacterial fire stroke - Erwinia amylovora (LOMB) (RNQP)

Grapes yellow - FD/BN - Candidatus Phytoplasma vitis (LOMB) (REG)


Necrotic ring spotting agent of stone fruit - Prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV) (LOMB)

Sharka or Pitting of stone fruit - Plum Pox Virus (LOMB) (RNQP)


Galligenous Nematode of Rice - Meloidogyne graminicola (LOMB) (REG)

Rice nematode - Aphelenchoides besseyi (LOMB)


Apple snail - Pomacea, Perry

Phytopathological maps