The DGC:

Produces in-depth ecosystem balances of botanical heritage, also by calculating

   its asset and economic value

Builds up complex botanical indicators and parameters

Analyzes and quantifies the economic and ecological benefits of the botanical heritage

Evaluates the amount of green, its value and the value of environmental performance

The ecosystem balance

CO2 fixed

Intercepted quantity (estimate): 10,198,.458 kg/year

Estimated savings: € 67,616 / year

Rainwater interception

Intercepted volume (estimate): 173,374 m3/year

Estimated savings: 412,630 €/year

Interception of air pollutants

Intercepted quantity (estimate): 30,595 kg/year

Estimated savings: 303,506 €/year

Green Balance

The data uploaded on the DGC are utilized to produce the Green Balance.

The Green Balance is crucial for evaluating not only the amount but - most

of all - the environmental performances of the botanical heritage.

The format of the Green Balance has to be tailored to the requirements

of the administration or other stakeholders.

The goals of the Green Balance are: botanical heritage of the City, Annual Balance of the botanical heritage, Annual Balance of the Ecosystem services provided by the botanical heritage, Balance of the botanical heritage

for Administrative purposes.

An example of a Green Balance Sheet about the amount and the ecosystem services of the public botanical heritage of Abbiategrasso in charge of the Municipal Administration can be generated in real-time by clicking “STAT.”


NOTE: data refer to the ecosystem balance of Paullo Digital Green Cadastre.

For insights and bibliographic references, visit the USDA Forest Service's I-Tree website.

Microclimate mitigation

Energy saved (estimate): 37,394,345 kWh/year

Estimated savings: 4,113,378 €/year

Estimated leaf area

Lawn: 2,581,536 m2

Shrubs: 40,900 m2

Trees: 817,950 m2

Total: 3,440,384 m2