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New green mapping project involving schools

In 2018, the first direct contribution of citizens to the DGC of Abbiategrasso took place, with the project involving the Terzani Secondary School, with the aim of creating a green culture and appreciating the riches and beauties of the territory.

In collaboration with the Comprehensive Institute “Tiziano Terzani” of Abbiategrasso, Amaga has launched a project aimed at providing students with some knowledge

of public green spaces, through a course of practical activities using an open source public green mapping system. In fact, the mapping already implemented and available is complete with the main data but can be further enriched with detailed data to be collected in the field. In this regard, Amaga thought it could be mutually useful to involve groups

of students in this activity. This gave the children the opportunity to learn some basic botanical information, aimed at recognizing the plants in their territory as well as some basic notions on digital mapping systems so as to be able to participate in updating the tree mapping.

The action was proposed initially in an experimental way, and reaped a positive and very wide response, so much so that it took place with all the lower and upper secondary classes, involving about 160 students.

Agronomists and other professionals from of Amaga - led by the Parks and Gardens Manager - held short lectures in the classroom and in the field. Then the students were asked to work independently for four weeks in the survey of the trees and in the loading of data recorded directly on the DGC (interactive map of the tree cadastre on

The cards inserted have been verified and validated by the green sector technicians

of Amaga.

At the end of the project, the Abbiategrasso DGC has been enriched with further 960 new trees detected on public and private areas and entered by young citizens in the three months of spring.