New York City Street Tree Map

Information on New York street trees and the calculation of ecosystem benefits

for each tree are available online on

Case studies

Summing up the data on NYC street trees and ecosystem benefits a total of more than 650.000 street trees were individually mapped and put online on 27 October 2017 and updated year by year. The following data for each tree are reported: common name, genus and species, identification code, trunk diameter, nearest street number, maintenance activity report, ecological benefits accounted for in total value per year

and indicated individually. The ecological benefits reported are: rainfall intercepted

per year (quantity in gallons and value in dollars), energy savings per year (quantity

in kWh and value in dollars), air pollutant removal per year (quantity in pounds and

value in dollars) and CO2 reduced per year (quantity in pounds and value in dollars).

Benefits are calculated using formulas from the U.S. Forest Service (more about the benefits of trees to NYC at