Amaga - Abbiategrasso

DGC for the municipality of Abbiategrasso, Italy

Case studies

In 2014 AMAGA, service company, adopts the DGC for the census and asset evaluation and the estimate of the ecosystem benefits of the public green areas of the city

of Abbiategrasso.

The green areas in charge of AMAGA are then loaded on the DGC platform, available data from an old census of 1993 are recovered and shrubs trees are quickly identified through satellite and road images available on the net. Follow training sessions for AMAGA technicians to start the operational phase of the project.

During the following years - and without the need to commission an ad hoc census,

but simply recording the information deriving from the daily work of managing the public green heritage - we arrive at a census n. 6 531 trees and green areas for over 700 000 m2.

The interactive green maps are freely open to queries and modifications: by clicking

on them it is possible to obtain more detailed information on the different areas

and on the single tree specimens.

The tool aims at being inclusive, seeking the participation of all specialized

or nonspecialized human resources operating in the area, interacting with citizens

and economic and professional operators. An appreciable example is the project

with the students of the Terzani middle school in Abbiategrasso (see Appendix “AMAGA GOES TO SCHOOL - New green mapping project involving schools”).